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Quick Start
For more information on some specific functions refer to pages.
At the first launch, Logfly performs some initialization tasks :

  • Work folder creation
      -  Mac OS  -> in Documents folder
      - Windows -> My Documents folder
  • New logbook creation

You can change it with Configuration option.
First screen is :

Main Toolbar

The toolbar has the following buttons : 

   Download tracks from Flytec-Braüniger, Flymaster, Reversale or Skytraxx GPS. Flght data are stored in the logbook

   Logfly has the ability to load data also from files in computer, USB keys or SD cards

  Manual entry of flights in the logbook without GPS track

   Visualization of a track log file out of the logbook. All functions are available : Google Maps, scoring and thermal analyze

   Logbook summarised display in monthly or annual calendar style

   Annual statistics of flight

   Sites file. It allows automatic detection of the launch site.

Waypoints and turnpoints management

 Management of airspaces areas files

  Converter and viewer coordinates

What to do to start ?

Display a first track log file and and explore analyze capacities of Logfly. You can find many samples on websites.. 

Import your own track logs from Flytec, Braüniger, Flymaster, Reversale, Flynet or Skytraax GPS and/or your track log files recorded on your computer. You can create and use multiple logbooks.

Many commands are available by contextual menus.