Version 4.1.7

This last release of Logfly 4.1 fixes several bugs. An important correction for GPX format users.

Version 4.1.6

An important upgrade for Flymaster owners.

  • An important bug for Flymaster import was fixed. The numeric signature was invalid. If you need it and if the flight tracks are always in the Fymaster, you must delete concerned flights in Logfly logbook and reload them.
  • Minor bugs fixed

Version 4.1.5

Some problems with cartographic libraries required this update

  • cartographic bug fixed
  • Flymaster import flights bug fixed ( problems with flight No10, No20 etc...)
  • For a selected flight in the logbokk, a new option is available  "Different site" (right clic -> contextual menu). This option allow to force the creation of a new take off site. For a new track, if Logfly find a takeoff in the site file in a radius of 800m, it assign it to the track. With this option, you can create a new takeoff site.
  • Skytraax 3.0 is supported
  • C Pilot Evo is supported
  • Bug fixed in "cup" format waypoints.

Version 4.1.1

  • Fixed a bug that was disturbing disk access.
  • New Open Recent function for external track or OpenAir file

Version 4.1.0

With this version,  Leaflet upgrade is achieved. Airspace module was rewritten.

Now OpenAir file is encoded by Logfly. Airspace areas are transformed in GeoJSON objects. This objects can be used individuals in the map or in other parts of Logfly. This operation is realized once and for all.

On the same window, you can draw your own airspaces for GPS testing. 

Other enhancements and improvements :

  • For Windows maps Bing satellite overlay is available
  • Google Earth button works again
  • Bug with new flight detection is fixed
  • Bug with quotes in site name is fixed
  • Measure tool is added to waypoints map
  • Flytec Element detection is updated
  • start icon and end icon are added on track map

Version 4.0.0

Warning :  logbook database is modified. After conversion, if you use the logbook with an old version, local time will be wrong.

What's new ?

  • Maps are produced with Leaflet library
  • Track tab and Visulogfly tab are merged in one tab called "Details"
  • Scoring is now stored in the logbook
  • For french contest CFD, Logfly upload directly the track on the server
  • Logfly compute local time and date values with a time zone (UTC offset) database
  • Converter and Google Map Finder widgets are merged in a single tool : Map Finder.
  • Fixed bugs in Skytraxx communication module
  • Fixed bug in flights import without GPS tracks accomplished by a "csv" file.

Version 3.0.7

The new SD Flymaster communication module had some bugs. They are now fixed. The flight duration is displayed in the flights list.

It's possible to import flights without GPS tracks. This is accomplished by a "csv" file. See the page Flights Import for details.

Version 3.0.6

Communication with Flymaster SD under Windows 10 and mac OS El Capitan is now possible. Many thanks to Cristiano, Flymaster developper and Benjamin a very good programmer.

Now in the GPS Windows, there is two Flymaster options :  "Flymaster (old)" and "Flymaster" for SD series. This option "Flylmaster" is the last implemented in Logfly, this the last in the list box.

Now Logfly keep the last used serial port. If this port is available, it is used automatically. But don't forget that for a same GPS, this serial port may vary from one utilisation to the other.

In the Configuration window, you can store the usual GPS. 

By doing so, the flight list is displayed immediately at the clic on GPS button.

VisuGPS is not displayed correctly under Window in the internal window of Logfly. It's dificult to modify the code of VisuGPS and however you can't use Doarama in Logfly.

We considered it preferable to run VisuGPS systematically in the default browser. In the VisuGPS window, there is now a checkbox : "Always display in the browser". Can you change this choice in the Configuration window, Internet tab.

In this new version, there is some minor fixed bugs.

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